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Supplier Data Unification and Mastering

Tamr’s Unify platform will be used to perform the mastering of supplier records. Unify employs a fundamentally different approach to traditional systems. Using a combination of machine learning, and expert input to solve the mastering problem, Unify is able to get smarter as more data is ingested. This means that organizations can now benefit from others that have been before them as part of this service.

Unify adopts a 2-step process to master supplier records, as shown in the below diagram:

  1. Align relevant datasets to a unified schema;
  2. Consolidate the unified dataset through entity deduplication and mastering.

As part of this process, Unify assigns a unique ‘master id’ and ‘master supplier name’ to each discovered entity so that duplicates in the original dataset can be identified and reconciled.

Supplier Data Unification and Mastering

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